Another LTC Complaint Letter


I wrote another complaint letter to the LTC today, and once again it was about transferring to another bus.

Having done some shopping at the Dundas St. E. White Rose, I first caught the #2 Dundas westbound at that location. There was a stopover of several minutes when we got to Argyle Mall, but that was to be expected since I think it’s a major transfer point.

I arrived at Dundas & Highbury @ 8:45 PM and waited until 9:14 PM to board the #14 Highbury northbound. That driver initially dismissed my request to radio ahead and have the #21 wait for me. However, I persisted, explaining that after the considerable waiting time I had already been subjected to I was not prepared to wait an additional and unnecessary 30 minutes for the next #21 to arrive.

I cannot describe the nature of the request that was made, because the driver deliberately spoke in a very low volume so as not to be overheard.

We arrived at Huron & Highbury @ 9:20 PM but there was no evidence of the #21. In response to my inquiry the driver of the #14 confirmed that he had communicated my request but stated “I didn’t get a reply” and that “I can’t hear the other driver’s conversations.”

I telephoned the LTC Infoline and asked for an explanation. The gentleman that I spoke to indicated (feigned?) surprise that the #21 had not waited for me. He told me that the driver of the #21 had been asked to wait but declined to identify the driver. He apologized for my inconvenience and very nicely took the time to advise me about what information this letter of complaint should contain.

I boarded the next #21 at Huron & Highbury @ 9:48 PM and arrived home… & 9:55 PM.

Actual travelling time was 16 min’s. Total trip time was 95 min’s.


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