Targeted Hamilton Pedestrians


“More than 40 pedestrians have died in traffic accidents in Hamilton in the past six years. Last year alone, 470 people were hit by cars” (‘Police target walkers’; Jocelyn Bell; Hamilton Spectator; 2001/03/15).

Because some people reportedly “walk out whenever they feel like it,” and because “a person can be charged…under the Highway Traffic Act…with failing to use the designated crosswalk if they are within 100 metres of the crosswalk…police are now gearing up to catch law-breaking pedestrians and aggressive drivers.”

“Senior citizens and children are at particular risk of being hurt. Because children are short, they have trouble seeing cars and drivers have trouble seeing them. Kids are also poor judges of the speed at which an oncoming car is being driven. Seniors are often less mobile than younger adults and may take longer to cross. About a quarter of the pedestrians struck and killed each year in Canada are senior citizens.”

2001/03 – TLC: Everybody Targets Walkers


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