City Council Subterfuge


In order to disguise the natural consequence of their massive and irresponsible investment in capital projects, members of City Council have instructed that police, fire, etc. should comply with an arbitrarily imposed limitation on any budget increases. Regardless of need.

Take the police budget, as just one example. We know that the complement of officers is insufficient for them to properly fulfill their responsibilities. And now we hear that the Feds are imposing additional responsibilities with respect to gun control. So now what? Robbery, home invasions, etc will become more attractive career choices because the cops won’t be able to respond? An increase in Toronto-like vehicle/pedestrian accidents and deaths because there’s no traffic enforcement? But of course, those around the horseshoe will shrug their shoulders and say “we don’t have any control over the police, how they do their job.”

No money for social housing, for bylaw enforcement, for keeping the multi-million dollar library open on Sundays, etc, etc, etc…

Where did they get the mandate to cut services? Which member of this Council ran on that platform? Because I’ll be dammed if I can recall a single one of them who did.

Maintain services. If that results in an increase in taxes, so be it. The electorate will then decide whether or not the capital investments were as intelligent as they’re being portrayed.


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