A Rate Hike for LTC?


Isn’t London’s public transit system in bad enough shape already?

According to an article in today’s newspaper (LTC ponders higher fares“; London Free Press; Hank Daniszewski and Megan O’Toole), the 2006 LTC budget “already suggested a fare hike of 6.1 per cent — a figure likely to rise, although Ducharme wouldn’t say by how much.”

Don’t our civic so-called “leaders” realize that increased fares only drive away riders which results in decreased revenues and subsequent service reductions which results in even fewer riders?

The LFP article misleads it’s readers into thinking that this is a healthy transit system, by stating that “Since 1998, the LTC has led the nation in ridership growth, with a 46-per-cent increase.” What the article ignores however, is that there were years of ridership decline preceeding that growth, and that really there was nowhere else for ridership to go.

But let’s not kid ourselves! That growth was more likely a result of desperation on the part of dependant citizens, and NOT a reflection of good service.

Anybody who thinks that London ratepayers receive good service from the LTC should read my previous comments on this subject.


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