We Need the LTC to Adopt a Grid System


One of my criticisms about the LTC is the manner in which it services major arterial roads.

Why does the #16 Adelaide service Commissioners Road in the south end, from Adelaide Street east to Deveron and into the Pond Mills neighbourhood? And in the north end, why does it (the #16 Adelaide) service Fanshawe Park Road from Adelaide Street west to the Masonville Mall?

Buses which service major arteries should do simply that. They should not go into residential neighbourhoods. Leave that function to smaller shuttle buses.

And duplication. Why the hell is Dundas Street serviced by more than the #2 Dundas? Do we really need to have a #7 Wavell travel Dundas Street from Highbury Ave to Ridout Street? Does the #12 Wharncliffe need to travel Dundas Street as far east as Adelaide Street? Does the #20 Cherryhill have to service Dundas Street as far east as Quebec Street?


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