Commissioners & Pond Mills


I was on my way to the local library branch today when I narrowly missed being struck in the Commissioners Road & Pond Mills intersection at 1:20 pm.

An eastbound vehicle operated by a male driver made a lefthand turn while I was crossing the intersection. He swerved to avoid me at the last second and then he simply continued north along Pond Mills Road.

Aren’t drivers still required to look BEFORE starting to make a turn into an intersection in order to ensure that it’s safe to do so?

Something that happens far too often, here and the Commissioners/Deveron intersection to the east also. It’s not like I’m invisible, especially during the winter with my bright red coat! My observation is that drivers in this city are becoming increasingly careless and/or disrespectful about the law, and I attribute that to the fact that there is far too little police enforcement.

You need only look down the 401 to Toronto to see where we’re headed in this city. Perhaps after pedestrians start to drop like flies, London Police Services will start to take this situation seriously.


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