Letter to The Londoner


Today’s editorial submission to The Londoner

Mr. Editor,

With respect to Len Lesser’s article (The Londoner; “For $20,000 saved…”)

For at least a decade, I have been more publicly outspoken about police enforcement (and various other things) in this community than any other individual. I have had some success in motivating London Police Services to press for increased funding, but other initiatives have yet to bear fruit.

Visit my Blog to review my concern about the Commissioners Road & King Edward Avenue intersection.

The truth is that there are simply not enough police to do the job properly. And the greatest share of recent funding increases was grabbed up by senior police officers in the form of “retention pay” instead of putting more officers on the street. Shame on them!

I have also voiced concerns about the seeming disregard by city administrators for pedestrians in this city. Pedestrian signals are a joke, and reflect a disgusting bias in favour of automobiles. In a separate 2005/05/17 blog entry, I raised my concern about the signal at the Commissioners Road & Pond Mills Road intersection. I invite you to read it, and the response that I received from the city.

London keeps growing, the Mayor keeps crowing about us becoming “the capital of southwestern Ontario,” but our so-called leaders seem to display absolutely no capacity for forward thinking. One need only look as far away as Toronto to see the kinds of problems the plague large metropolitan areas. As a lifelong resident of London, I am sickened by some of what I see happening to this community.

There is only one solution to the big-city problems facing our ever-expanding community, and that is political action. Concerned citizens must speak out loudly so that police and politicians will make more than just a token effort toward improving our quality of life.


Mr. Greg Fowler
962 Eagle Crescent
London, Ontario; N5Z 3H7

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