Look out for Pedestrians


Once again, I narrowly avoided being struck in the Commissioners Road & Pond Mills intersection earlier this week while en route to the local library branch.

This, from Sgt. Tom O’Brien, LPS Traffic Management Unit…

What you have described in your email is a situation seen all too often. In all likelihood the driver of the vehicle was paying more attention to oncoming traffic than to the pedestrian traffic that would be impacted by his manoeuvre… Subsection 144(7) of the Act may very well apply. More information would be required such as: were you lawfully in the crosswalk (did you step off when allowed). This charge has more of a probability of conviction when actually witnessed by the police and as a result we will not be pursuing any charges unless the driver of the vehicle makes an inculpatory statement to us when we talk to him… This is an offence that request the positive identity of the driver and vehicle.”

Sgt. O’Brien hits the nail on the head when he suggests that this often happens because drivers aren’t aware of the presence of pedestrians. But just because there happens to be lots of oncoming traffic, does not justify the failure of drivers to confirm the presence or absence of pedestrians in the intersection BEFORE they begin to make their turn.


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