LFP Poll re Public Transit


With respect to the reader poll on the London Free Press web site.

To begin with, let me express my appreciation for the fact that “Total Votes for this Question” is provided. Too often, online media polls withold this pertinent information, making the accuracy of the results questionable.

The current question asks “Will a fare increase stop you from riding the bus?” Unfortunately, this is an example of a frivolous media exersize which passes for being relevant. Too much fluff, too little news.

Before the answer to the question can have any real meaning, other information must first be obtained. Does the respondent have alternate access to transportation? Do they own their own automobile? Are they employed, or do they rely on public assistance?

Raising the fares for public transit is a failed experiment that has already been tried before in this community. It will only result in a downward spiral of fewer riders, another fare increase, etc.

It’s long past time for our selfish society to get serious about things like urban sprawl, environmental degradation, and provision of basic essential services.

I propose a different question for the London Free Press reader poll… “Is there an argument to be made for a cashless, fully-funded public transit system?”


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  1. socialscientist Says:

    Please send your favorite post or most persuasive essay advocating free public transit to:


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