Walkway Lighting Budget


Mr. Dave Leckie (London Director of Roads & Transportation) put some spin on the issue of Walkway Lighting on CJBK this morning, trumpeting the fact that the program’s budget has been increased to $290,000.

Is that comparitively paltry amount supposed to reflect a concern for public safety???

This is just one of many issues that I’ve been warning about for a long time. Public safety is one of the basic responsibilities of local government.

Yesterday’s London Free Press prominently highlighted Councillor Paul and his tired refrain about hard-pressed taxpayers. I’d like to make the point that you can’t have it both ways.

We don’t live in isolation. We are a community. And the health of that community depends upon our making a concerted effort with respect to certain shared needs. Things like public housing, public transit, public safety, etc. And those things need to be paid for.

Many months ago I met with Councillor Sandy White and city administrators in an effort to have proper lighting provided for the walkway in my neighbourhood. I warned them then that citizens were at risk because of the city’s failure to properly light these paths, and that the city was in a position of legal liability. Because of my efforts, lights were installed in this neighbourhood. Just one problem… months later, the lights are still not operational, because the final step of connecting the electrical wiring has not taken place.

CJBK should interview Councillor Paul and ask him how he can promote no increased taxes, not even for inflation, without being willing to accept responsibility for the consequence of the city’s failure to provide necessary services.


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