LTC Agendas


In the past, I’ve looked for agendas on the LTC website but couldn’t find any. So, I was pleased when I discovered some there after I complained about it.

This, from Jessie Zellas (LTC Executive Assistant)…

Thank you for your telephone call regarding LTC agendas…”

The online availability of the agendas is new commencing with the November 30, 2005 Commission meeting.”

The agendas are usually not finalized until the Friday prior to the meeting, at which point it is transferred to an electronic copy for posting on our website.”

If agendas are not finalized until the Friday immediately preceeding the meeting, and if transfer to electronic form and posting to the LTC web site does not occur until after that, it really doesn’t leave any realistic opportunity for citizens to become sufficiently aware of what’s up for discussion, much less request delegate status or prepare a submission, does it?

Again from Jessie Zellas…

The order of the agenda for the Commission is finalized the Wednesday prior to the meeting and reports are finalized by the Friday prior to the meeting. The agenda is then posted on the website on the Monday prior to the meeting.”

Which I suppose is meant to convey that citizens are out of luck?

And what about those of us who might want to browse old agendas/minutes as a vehicle towards furthering our understanding of public transit in London?

Again, from Jessie Zellas…

It is not our intention to post archived agendas.”

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