LTC Complaints System


Staff Report #7 from the 2006/02/01 agenda refers to “Abandoned” Information Line Calls.

Twice this year already, I have been personally hung up on after calling the info line to register a complaint. Were those calls identified as being “abandoned”?

This, from Joanna Kurowski (LTC Manager of Service Quality)…

“Abandoned information line calls are those calls ended by the caller before the call was answered by customer service staff. The answered and abandoned call information is tracked automatically by the telephone system.”

Also, if “a public contact form is generated” when a complaint is registered, is each complaint assigned a unique identifier so that it can be referred to later and followed up upon to see how it was handled? In my experience, callers are never asked to identify themselves, and callers are never provided with identifiers.

Again, from Ms Kurowski…

“Customer contacts are prepared for compliments, complaints and service inquiries, whether they are by phone, written, or in person. Each contact is assigned an internal reference number for management and tracking purposes. Customer contacts are only created where sufficient information has been provided for follow up and assessment. The decision on caller identification is left up to the individual caller and is unique to the nature of the call, i.e. reason for or incident giving rise to the call.”


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