LTC Website


With respect to the increase in visits to the LTC website (2006/02/01 agenda).

Consider the traffic that it might attract if the LTC made a more credible effort to supply more information and in a more timely manner.

My first suggestion is that they start posting agendas sooner.

This response, from Joanna Kurowski (LTC Manager of Service Quality)…

“The posting of information on the website (re Commission agendas and reports) is timed to the calendar for Commission meetings. The schedule for the meetings balances the time to prepare for same, given other work load issues/commitments and ensuring that the most current information is being provided.”

I’d also suggest that they display some transparency, and post past agendas (I believe that there are currently a sum total of 3 agendas on the website).

And if it’s traffic that they want, and if the LTC really does care about customer feedback, I suggest that they consider the addition of a public discussion board on the website.

Again, from Ms Kurowski…

“Resources assigned to the management of the website are balanced against competing demands for resources, e.g. on road service, vehicle maintenance, etc. Enhancing the website and the use of same is undertaken in a balanced manner given the competing demands for resources.”


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