Dangerous drivers? Penalize pedestrians!


Pedestrians ProhibitedTo begin with, my thanks to Councillor Sandy White who arranged for me to meet with staff about this intersection.

There seems to be agreement by all that the intersection at Commissioners & King Edward poses a safety hazard because of the traffic volume (expected to increase) & the sight lines. But we part ways with respect to what should be done about it.

Closing the intersection with an expectation that pedestrians will walk the extra distance to cross at the signalized intersection at Commissioners & Frontenac is troubling to me. In the first place, it assumes that compliance will take place. And as I noted, not all of the children who currently cross at Commissioners & King Edward are accompanied by adults. And it is doubtful that unaccompanied children will forgo the opportunity to take the shortest route.

I also object to it because I believe that it is contrary to the spirit and the intention which is represented by the Transportation Master Plan. That document correctly identifies the need to promote alternate modes of transportation, and to discourage use of the automobile.

Closing intersections to pedestrians, channelization, failure to implement dedicated lanes during peak hours, increasing user fees for public transit, etc., all of these things take us in the wrong direction. I am forced to question whether or not the Transportation Master Plan is simply window dressing?

For that reason, I will be doing as much as I can to alert the public that this is what is taking place, and to stop this from happening.


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