Recording City Hall Meetings


Here’s a snippet from my 2006/07/17 media release which refers to recording City Hall meetings. It’s one of the positions that I’ve taken as part of my Ward 1 Municipal Campaign.

You can try to listen to…” my audio recording of today’s CAPS meetingbut it’s often hard to hear what’s being said. I use a voice recorder as an assistive device, and it normally works very well for recording meetings. But Committee meetings at City Hall are a different matter. The sound system sucks, and many of the politicians “forget” to turn on their microphones when they’re speaking.

As one of the policies in my Accessibility platform, I advocate that audio recordings ought to be made of every Committee meeting and posted on the city’s web site, in addition to the agendas and minutes that are already there.”

Members of City Council to whom the media release was sent and who did not respond:

Rob Alder, Bill Armstrong, Joni Baechler, Judie Bryant, Roger Caranci, Ab Chahbar, Anne Marie DeCicco, Fred Tranquilli, Harold Usher, Paul Van Meerbergen, Sandy White, David Winninger, Bernie MacDonald, Cheryl Miller, Russ Monteith, Bud Polhill, Tom Gosnell, Gord Hume, Susan Eagle.

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