2006 Fowler Election Platform – Garbage Pickup Schedule


One of the things which appears to upset some people about our current garbage collection schedule is it’s variability. Now, I’ll admit that I’ve missed pickup day on a few occasions, but that was my own fault. Usually, it’s not a problem. In addition to the collection calendar which the City publishes, I can also observe when my neighbours are putting their garbage out. Still, if people would be more comfortable with regular pickup, I would be prepared to support a 14-day schedule. However, I do NOT support returning to a 7-day schedule. Such convenience supports “out of sight, out of mind” behaviour.

Some of what I’ve had to say in the past


As posted on AltLondon:

Personally, I wouldn’t want to see us go back to weekly garbage collection. Such convenience supports “out of sight, out of mind” thinking. Until we get our collective act together with respect to waste reduction, recycling, etc., I think that inconvenience is good.

BTW, this position is consistent with my proposal that we have a moratorium on any further road extensions and widenings. More traffic congestion in the short term would be a good thing, and force local politicians to start paying more than lip service to these issues.



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