2006 Fowler Election Platform – Recorded Meetings


as originally posted on my Election Website

In addition to the printed agendas & meeting minutes which are currently available, I propose that every public meeting of Council be recorded and that the sound file also be available on the City’s website. It is the interaction between elected members, staff and the public which is often the most instructive.

Some of what I’ve had to say in the past

Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 14:00:18 -0400 (EDT)
From: Gregory Fowler
Subject: FYI – Sewer (pdc) Replacement Cost
To: pmcleod@thelondoner.ca


There was a delegation at yesterday’s ETC meeting which I found to be both interesting and enlightening, and
I suspect that would be of widespread public interest. Given the fact that you’ve addressed municipal taxation
in the past, and my view that this related issue will become prominent in the near future, perhaps you’d like
to consider giving it some coverage.

I regret that my attempt to record the meeting using my personal voice recorder was unsuccessful. I continue to believe that all meetings at City Hall (Council + Committees) should be recorded, and that those audio recordings should be available on the City website along with agendas and minutes.


Greg Fowler

Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 19:39:49 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Media Release re 748 King St. Tenants
From: “Gregory Fowler”
To: “Gregory Fowler”
Bcc: Rob Alder , Bill Armstrong , Joni Baechler , Judie Bryant , Roger Caranci , Ab Chahbar , Anne Marie DeCicco , Fred Tranquilli , “Samuel E. Trosow” , Harold Usher , Paul Van Meerbergen , Sandy White , David Winninger , Bernie MacDonald , Cheryl Miller , “W. Russ Monteith” , “W. J. Bud Polhill” , Tom Gosnell , Gord Hume , jbelanger@lfpress.com, jsher@lfpress.com, pberton@lfpress.com, lcornies@lfpress.com, pmcleod@thelondoner.ca, garrison@cjbk.com, newstalk1290today@cjbk.com, John.Wilsons@corusent.com, hconnell@uwlondon.on.ca, hamilm@cll.on.ca, SEagle@london.ca, sean@altlondon.org, dimitrie@sympatico.ca

You can try to listen to my audio recording of today’s CAPS meeting at http://ca.geocities.com/fowgre/media/20060717CAPS.wav but it’s often hard to hear what’s being said. I use a voice recorder as an assistive device, and it normally works very well for recording meetings. But Committee meetings at City Hall are a different matter. The sound system sucks, and many of the politicians “forget” to turn on their microphones when they’re speaking.

As one of the policies in my Accessibility platform, I advocate that audio recordings ought to be made of every Committee meeting and posted on the city’s web site, in addition to the agendas and minutes that are already there.


Greg Fowler
Candidate, Ward One

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