2006 Fowler Election Platform – Political Salaries


as originally posted on my Election Website

In her excellent and most recent contribution to our local daily (“Politicians entitled to their entitlements?”; Victoria Stirling (London); London Free Press “Letters”; 2006/10/07), a local citizen muses aloud about the financial gulf between politicians and many of the rest of us.

I have long suggested that the salaries of politicians at all levels of government should be directly tied to the minimum wage or what those who are on welfare receive. Perhaps then, they would be more cognizant of the plight of those that they profess to serve, as opposed to their own “entitlements.”

If elected as Ward One councillor, I promise that I will attempt to have bylaw A-9 (which covers salaries and expenses for members of Council) modified in that manner.

Some of what I’ve had to say in the past

Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 23:13:15 -0400 (EDT)
From: “Gregory Fowler”
Subject: Social Assistance Rates
To: “David Winninger”


“The provincial government has taken upon itself to gradually increase the OW and ODSP rates to what they once were.”

What the hell are you talking about? The Liberals gave us one measly increase. The second, which they milked for as much PR value as they could, will not come into effect until November. And already they’ve passed legislation that will allow landlords to increase rents come January. Now factor in inflation. We’re worse off now than pre-Harris, and it’s not getting any better.

Greg Fowler, Candidate Ward One

— Personal Background info —

I am a Ward One candidate in the 2006 London Municipal Election. As a member of the disabled community who does rely on ODSP assistance, I am prevented from fundraising for my campaign because of the refusal of the local ODSP office to respond to my inquiries about how doing so would affect those benefits. An appeal to MPP Ramal’s office for assistance has been largely ignored. And the London Free Press and other local media are similarly ignoring the situation. This is the democracy that my uncle fought in WWII and died for?

A former executive member of the NDP (President London-Middlesex, Secretary London-South, Manager London Community Office). Having had personal experience with unemployment, poverty, homelessness, suicidal depression, substance abuse, etc., I believe that I can bring a much-needed perspective to City Hall, and can advocate on behalf of the increasingly large population of disenfranchised citizens who are currently so poorly represented.

Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002 15:16:15 -0500 (EST)
From: “Greg Fowler”
Subject: Leadership By Example
To: editor@wpgsun.com

Re: “Feeding the greed” (Tom Brodbeck; Winnipeg Sun; 2002/12/14)

Living in Ontario, I don’t know how salaries “indexed to Statistics Canada’s average weekly wages for Manitoba” may have worked out. Mr. Brodbeck wrote that he thinks it’s “a good system” and I’ve no reason to doubt him.

I should think however, that such a formula would ignore the reality of the province’s most needy citizens.

Better perhaps if politician’s salaries were a multiple of what those poor souls who are expected to survive on welfare incomes receive. I hazard to guess that then the politicians awareness of their “situation” would be more than lip-service, and those meagre incomes would not be ravaged for so long by inflation without being considered for an increase.


Greg Fowler (grefow@yahoo.ca),
London, Ontario


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