Commissioners & Pond Mills Intersection


Another troublesome incident this afternoon (2:25 pm) at this intersection.

Having just left the Burger King restaurant and after dutifully waiting for the pedestrian signal, I proceeded along the south side of the street in an eastward direction into the intersection.

The elderly female driver of a white vehicle which was faced in a westward direction on Commissioners, turned south onto Pond Mills without first looking to see if it was safe to do so. Thankfully, the vehicle wasn’t movng very fast and she saw me at the last instant and was able to stop.

After I stepped back in order to allow her to continue (so that she wouldn’t be collided into by oncoming traffic) she looked at me in passing and shrugged her shoulders as if to say “wasn’t that silly?”

Well, no it wasn’t silly. It was criminally irresponsible.


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