Commissioners & Pond Mills Intersection


Excerpts of information just released to me under the Freedom of Information legislation, with respect to the investigation authorized by Sgt. Thomas O’Brien (London Police Services, Traffic Management Division) and conducted by PC Christopher Riley, following repeated complaints by me.

Intersection was monitored for a couple of days

Very high traffic intersection both pedestrian and vehicle

Crosswalks are not very safe as pedestrians are forced to cross the path of the turning lane to enter on to an island in order to depress the pedestrian walk button

Right hand turn, merge lanes for all directions of travel

Vehicles turning right generally come at a quicker rate of speed but are not speeding

Vehicles turning right, if they stop do so in such a place that they are generally in the crosswalk

There are no indicators for vehicles making right turns that pedestrians are present or are about to cross

For pedestrians wanting to cross any of the intersections, they must first make it to the island on the opposite side of all the right hand turn lanes in order to push the button to cross the major part of the intersection

Once pedestrians are on the islands they are pretty much blind to vehicles as there is a safety risk that vehicle may not see them


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