Library Service Reduction


As I mentioned yesterday, the 2nd-floor central library’s entrance to the Galleria Mall has been arbitrarily closed to patrons.A significant convenience, it was deprived without the library’s customary fanfare and without any prior public consultation.

Here is the explanation which I have now received from Nancy Ward (Manager, Public Services) :

The Library is aware that the closure of the second floor entrance will be inconvenient for some of our customers. This was a tough decision and was based on an analysis of many factors. I will try to explain why we feel that this is a decision that will benefit our service.

Security: Security of patrons, collections and staff will be enhanced by having one service point on the main floor. This will enable our security staff to be able to monitor the entrance effectively and efficiently.

Main Floor Revitalization: The Library is in the process of major changes to our first floor. We envision more displays, popular collections and high demand items in this area. This will make a very inviting place to visit. In order to provide more assistance to customers on the first floor we are concentrating our staff resources at one entrance.

Service Efficiency: Holds, self check units and customer service staff will all be concentrated in one service area. This is a more efficient use of staff resources given the much lower usage of the second floor. In addition, it will provide more opportunity for staff to provide customer service at the desk.

I hope that this outline of our reasons for deciding to close the second floor service point will answer your question. The Library also hopes that you will find the new first floor area well worth visiting.

Click here if you wish to find out who is responsible for this service reduction and how to contact them.

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2 Responses to “Library Service Reduction”

  1. D. Man Says:

    This was a good move. The downtown people really pushed to have this entrance created in the first place. It was seen as very expensive at the time and another subsidy to those business people who need a hand out when they screw up but trumpet themselves as geniuses when they do well.

  2. fowgre Says:

    Yes, some merchants may have supported it. And many citizens opposed the cost of the proposed new construction (and I was one of them). But of primary significance to this thread about the portal closure, the fact that London City Council at the time defended the construction cost of the new library by claiming how it would “save” and “revitalize” the Galleria and by extension all the rest of the downtown. That 2nd-floor connection to the Galleria was referred to by Council members and city staff over and over again.

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