When The Feds Talk Green


When the Feds talk green, they’re likely not talking about global warming. More likely, it’s a reference to all of your tax dollars that they’re swimming in.

According to the Fiscal Monitor, “the budgetary surplus is estimated at $7.3 billion for the first nine months of the 2006-7 fiscal year.”

The federal government’s current fiscal year is Apr. 01, 2006 – Mar. 30, 2007.

Want to know what the Feds plan to do with some of that money that they collect from you? Skip on over and examine the Main Estimates which were just released. These are supporting documents that show how the government plans to spend tax dollars that it collects.

It appears that the government wants to increase it’s tax-dollars spending in the next fiscal year (beginning Apr. 01, 2007) by $11.7 billion.

Of course, that’s not the complete picture. The government also gets and spends revenue from non-tax sources.

It would be nice if a lot of that money was coming back to municipalities so that those local governments could deliver more and better services to local ratepayers without constantly having to hike local property taxes. But alas, I haven’t been able to discover anything so far which would lead me to believe that they intend to take that approach.


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