Pedestrians Deserve Protection


As first posted on London Commons, my letter to the Toronto Star in response to yesterday’s article (“Joggers targeted in ‘sick game’ of chase”; Steve Lambert (CP); 2007/03/14).

re “Joggers targeted in ‘sick game’ of chase (2007/03/14).

I am cognizant that this article originated from CP and was not written by a Toronto Star reporter. But that hardly excuses you for the impression which will undoubtedly have been left in the minds of many of your readers.

The quotes attributed to the police Sgt. that “there’s no indication…someone was trying to deiberately run them down” and “it looks…like it was some sort of sick game where you might just want to hit them with mirrors” minimizes the seriousness of the crime and the potentially lethal outcome.

It is also a reflection on the insubstantial way that vehicle/pedestrian incidents are being addressed by police, city engineers, and politicians in virtually every Canadian city.

Well, here they go again. In today’s newspaper (“Elderly couple killed by pickup“; Tamara Cherry; Toronto Star; 2007/03/15) the story about a Stoney Creek man in a motorized wheelchair and his wife who were killed in an unsignalized crosswalk. Apparently they couldn’t blame the incident on speed or alcohol, so they quoted the police as having said “but it was raining.”

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