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In “Crook wins damages for injury during theft” (Reuters; 2007/04/18) we’re told that even though Daniel Baines struggled during his 2004 capture, the loss of a tooth apparently represented enough “unreasonable force” that a British Columbia Supreme Court judge has awarded him $12,000 Cdn for the injury.

Is there some shoddy journalism going on here? Surely there must have been more to the case than that! Will some people now come to the conclusion that resistance while being detained by private security is a smart move?

updated 2007/04/19 @ 04:59:
More details (“Shoplifter awarded…”; National Post; 2007/04/19)…

  • incident occured at Real Canadian Superstore in Delta, B.C.
  • Mr. Baines has a criminal record
  • incident occured “four days after being released from prison.”
  • charged with stealing a car a few days after his run-in with the security guards.”

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