Eagle Crescent Walkway


In this previous post on the subject of the local walkway, I wrote:
I only hope that something’s going to be done about the wall of overgrown foliage along the inside of the property that borders the walkway, else it will continue to be a safety risk even after the lighting has been installed.”

By way of a reminder, this is what the walkway used to look like:

2005051707 2005051708 2005051709

Well, it’s not quite a case of “be careful what you wish for…” but recent developments have given me cause to wonder, again, what can they be thinking down at City Hall?

Construction of the new medical/dental building which went ahead despite my objections (because of pedestrian safety concerns about the Commissioners/King Edward intersection) seems largely complete, and part of that project has been a wooden privacy fence along the walkway:

gf20070410012 gf20070410013 gf20070410004 gf20070410014

Although my effort to have lights installed did result in much better visibility within the walkway for pedestrians at night, I remain concerned about the inability to see what’s happening in the walkway from the street. Persons bent upon engaging in criminal activity can continue to rest easy in the knowledge that their activity stands little chance of being witnessed and reported on by a passer-by.


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