Get your caffeine fix here


A new link has been added to my blogroll. Four Mugs and a Crock bills itself as a place where “four Canadians, inspired by friendly discussions that take place in a favourite coffee shop in London, Ontario, share quirky essays, topical issues and the odd rant.

One of the posts that you’re apt to find there is “The Blogging Life For Me,” which describes From My Bottom Step as “intelligent” and “thought-provoking.” Thanks Hazel, but maybe you should cut back on the caffeine? :))

More seriously, I was very pleased to find out that I influenced someone to join BookCrossing. So, thanks again Hazel, you just made my day!


One Response to “Get your caffeine fix here”

  1. Hazel Nut Says:

    Hey fowgre – thanks for the shout out; four of us started our blog in Feb. and it’s been quite the learning curve as none of us is very computer literate, I think it’s great for fellow Londoners to support each other.
    Backgammon! I didn’t know anyone played backgammon anymore – that’s amazing! I guess I should keep it under my hat that I give out prizes in my classroom when playing bingo! I could get into some serious trouble if that became common knowledge,
    Hazel Nut

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