My Paris Post

On The London Free Press website the headline reads “Crying Paris sent back to jail.” It’s big sister publication more titillatingly declares “‘Mom! It’s not right!’” and the sub-head tells us that “Crying out for her mother, screaming Paris sent to jail.” Having placed it in it’s News section, the CTV website further distinguishes the “Judge orders Paris Hilton back to jail” article by labelling it as one of the site’s “Top Stories.” I could go on.
Has there ever been a better example of the progressively blurred distinction of the difference between news and entertainment in today’s society?
Personally, I think GSN has appraised the story fairly correctly. Head on over there and check out “the Prison Life: Paris,” where you’ll have the opportunity to assist the debutante design and build license plates. Paris Hilton avatar
appended 2007/06/10 @ 17:50
Petition to free Paris Hilton: click here
Petition to NOT free Paris Hilton: click here

One Response to “My Paris Post”

  1. Sabina Says:

    Hey there, I think The Nation does a good “quickie” on the topic, too:

    Cool blog. Thanks for caring about Internet filtering!

    Sabina @LA

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