Standing Up for The Little Guy


Lawyer Sarah Shartal of Roach, Schwartz and Associates and plaintiffs Joy Adams and Janice Wareham are trying to hold the government of Ontario to account “for the way it treats the province’s poorest, sickest citizens” (“Standing up for disabled Ontarians“; Carol Goar; Toronto Star; 2007/06/11).

Apparently, a class action lawsuit has been launched on behalf of disabled Ontarians caught in the bureaucratic quagmire of trying to qualify for disability support. “Roughly 25,000 Ontarians apply for disability support every year. Half are turned down. Many more don’t even apply because the process is so onerous.”

It’s about damn time. Next on my list of pipe dreams… a law firm with enough integrity to launch a class action suit on behalf of the thousands of Ontarians who have no meaningful access to the legal system.


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One Response to “Standing Up for The Little Guy”

  1. Hazel Nut Says:

    Thanks for shining a light on this little known problem. I teach teens with intellectual disabilities and often help parents fill out the reams of paperwork when applying for the Ontario Disability Support plan. Sometimes I have to bring this pension to the attention of the parents, many of whom are immigrants and are unaware there is such a thing.

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