What’s London’s Library up to Now?


In today’s fast-paced world it’s hard to know what’s going on… especially since traditional media started passing off entertainment as news, and discarded the news to make room for it. A good local example is the poor City Hall coverage that we get, and virtually non-existent news about meetings of Boards and Commissions. Thankfully though, citizen journalism sometimes comes to the rescue.

For the past couple of days there’s been discussion over on Librarian Activist about the apparent plan to implement Internet filtering software on some of the adult Internet-access computers in the London library system. I suggest that you check it out.

The “slippery slope” argument raised by Dr. Toni Samek (Associate Professor; School of Library & Information Studies; University of Alberta) has even more merit when one considers that this appears to be coming in thru the back door (as was the previous library decision to close 2nd-floor access to the Galleria). Too often in London, decisions affecting the public are made without any prior public consultation.

Dr. Sam Trosow (Associate Professor; University of Western Ontario; Faculty of Information & Media Studies / Faculty of Law) has made a number of reasonable recommendations, including a suggestion that “proposals for Internet filtering should be based on a thorough analysis of documented complaints and be vetted at a public participation meeting prior to implementation” which I fully support.

appended 2007/06/26:

Click here for Dr. Trosow’s review of the subsequent Library Board meeting.


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