Obstructing Pedestrians


I’m tired of listening to London’s drivers moan and complain about how tough they’ve got it. The fact that they can’t zip from one end of the city to the other without having to stop for traffic lights. In the meantime, London’s pedestrians are busy dodging those automobiles (and bicycles) as if they don’t matter. Oh, it’s true that the city pontificates a lot. The Transportation Master Plan extols the virtues of alternative modes of transportation. But in practise, out in the real world, it’s a different story.

London police Sargeant Tom O’Brien recently went before ETC (Environment and Transportation Committee) seeking additional penalties against pedestrians who “jaywalk” across London streets. ETC gave him the royal treatment and basically told him to go and write they by-law any way that he wants it to read. Too bad that local politicians and London police don’t have equal concern for those of us who walk and obey the laws, and are obstructed by motorists who don’t. Otherwise, maybe we pedestrians would have to put up with less of this:


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