Waiting Patiently…


…for Ward 1 Councillor Roger Caranci to respond to my 2007/04/20 publiic safety inquiry about the height of walkway fences and in particular, the walkway which connects Eagle Crescent to King Edward Avenue.

Speaking of which, it’s time for me to complain again about the lack of maintenance in said walkway.

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Why is it that the city doesn’t appear to appreciate the necessity for ensuring visibility into these things? How many more people have to be attacked before the city starts to demonstrate some concern for pedestrian safety? If somebody was to be attacked in this particular walkway under these conditions, given all that I’ve complained about it over the past couple of years, what possible excuses could the city and the Council members come up with to pretend that they weren’t partially responsible?

Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2007
From: Gregory Fowler
Subject: Eagle/King Edward Walkway
To: Roger Caranci


I feel that 2+ months is more than long enough for you to respond to an issue of public safety. When you get around to it, perhaps you also tell me why this walkway isn’t ever maintained unless I complain about it.


BTW, I’m also still waiting for some kind of a response to the January email that I sent to you about the police report into the dangerous situation at Commissioners/Pond Mills.

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