Extended LTC Hours


Trevor Harris is soliciting signatures for a petition to have public transit service extended from midnight until 3 a.m. on weekends in London.

I’ve been advocating for public transit all of my life. My maternal grandfather represented the electric streetcar union (forerunner to the LTC) for 25 years. Enhanced LTC service was a significant part of my platform in the last municipal election and included getting rid of fares (also: look for the “No Fares!” icon in the sidebar).

We could all quibble about whether service should be extended till 3am or 5am or be 24/7, and whether service should be more frequent, etc. But I would like to suggest that regardless of whether or not this initiative goes far enough, it’s worth supporting as is. It’s considerably better than the status quo, and further refinements could always be made later. What’s important is that this initiative receive a large positive reaction from the community, so that the LTC and Council get the message loud and clear that London does care about improved public transit. And with the Master Plan currently under review, there couldn’t be a better time for that message to be sent.

There is an online version of Trevor’s petition. Please sign it:

Appended 2007/07/28:

There is also now a website for this initiative, and the initiative has been given an acronym…
Sensible Transit Only Please (STOP).

Appended 2008/01/26:

It seems that there’s an Edmonton lobby group called Transit Riders’ Union of Edmonton (TRUE) that’s lobbying for 24/7 service in that city. Read Sun blogger Kerry Diotte’s post HERE .


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