Supposed Liberal ‘commitment’


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One of today’s LFP articles (“Water project awaits funding“; Joe Belanger; 2007/07/25) attempts to portray local Liberals in a flattering fashion, at the expense of the big bad federal government.

Samu's Caranci graphicCouncillor Roger Caranci is quoted as saying that he is “frustrated,” apparently because what has up until now appeared to be virtually unfettered industrial sprawl in the city’s southeast may have to slow down unless the feds agree to “a $353-million mega-water project.”

Well, Roger, imagine the frustration that I felt during last Fall’s municipal election campaign that I couldn’t campaign or fundraise in, because you and your Liberal friends (Ramal/Matthews/Bentley) ignored my problems with the ODSP government agency. Imagine the frustration I continue to feel because you won’t respond to my communications about the dangerous intersection at Commissioners Road and Pond Mills Road. Imagine the frustration that I continue to feel because of the discreditable secretive way in which London City Council dealt with my proposal for a Pedestrian Committee. Imagine the frustration that I continue to feel at being ignored by you with respect to my concern over the height of wooden walkway fences and the danger that that poses to pedestrians?

But then, I’m only one of your constituents in Ward One, as opposed to one of the local developers who anted upwards of $500 each towards your own municipal election campaign.



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