Transit Shelter Destruction


Spotted earlier this afternoon on my way home from the grocery store.

I’ve submitted an info request to LTC and will post it if they bother to respond.

Added 2007/07/29:

I’d send an information request to London Police Services, but why bother? At best (based on past experience) I’d only be referred to their Freedom of Information officer, and would have to fight a long drawn-out process before getting what would probably only be a partial, edited response (ie lots of stuff blacked out).

On the London Police Services website, hiding down at the bottom of the What’s New page (almost as an afterthought), a small 4-item “Media Releases” list of dated occurrences with a link to even older items in a “Media Archives“. When I checked out the site on 2007/07/29 while writing this addendum, the most recent occurence listed was already 10 days old.

Should the police be obliged to post information about local occurrences in a more timely fashion?

Added 2007/08/04:

Still no response from the LTC so I’ve sent another inquiry. Stay tuned…


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