Public Housing Photo Op

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Liberal MPPs may not be any damn good if you approach them about a government agency which is interfering in your democratic right to contest an election (especially if you’re running against a local Liberal), but you can always count on them to show up for a photo op, even if the announcement is based upon a false premise.

The recent sod-turning at 446 King St. might lead some to believe that London’s pressing social housing problem is being adequately addressed by our elected representatives. In actual fact, they’re simply doing what they do better than anything else… milking a PR opportunity for everything they can squeeze out of it.

As Paul Berton points out (“Public Housing Vision Lacking”; London Free Press; 2007/08/12), this non-profit housing unit which might someday actually get built from a federal- provincial deal that was penned way back in 2005, is the only relief planned for the foreseeable future. The article attributes London Councillor Susan Eagle as having said that “there are no plans — none! — for any more money from either Ottawa or Queen’s Park to build more” even though London Council estimates an ongoing need for “700 (new) units each and every year. “


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