TD-Canada Trust Sale


In “A Vote of Confidence” (London Free Press; Norman De Bono; 2007/08/24), local real estate officials gush over the sale of the TD-Canada Trust towers and parking garage that are at Dundas & Wellington.

Norman Spencer, a partner with the Montreal-based Redbourne Group purchaser, is quoted as saying that the company “plans to invest “several million dollars” in upgrades” and “will be looking at some cosmetic issues” as well.

Welcome to London, Norman.

Since you’re new here, and before you become infected by the local development community’s fixation on more parking, more parking… for automobiles, mind you…

Might I suggest that some bicycle storage lockers would be an excellent addition to the 333 covered/surface automobile parking spaces that you now own? Wouldn’t it be strategically sound to send a message to those of your new customers/employees who wisely use a friendlier mode of transportation, that you value their priorities as well?

Who knows? You might even influence our staid city to wake up.

BTW, do you happen to know Françoise and the boys over at Quebecor? Hopefully, you’ll do a better job managing your new local acquisition than what they’re doing ;(


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