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Hard though it may be to believe, there is no public dental insurance for the working poor in Ontario. And let there be no mistake: rotting teeth do cause health problems.

Contrary to sometimes popular belief, people who live on welfare or disability allowances are only entitled to limited dental insurance.

When Health Minister George Smitherman was asked by Toronto’s chief dentist to fund dental treatment for low-income workers in community health centres, he wouldn’t comment. Instead, he passed that political hot potato to his colleague. Community and Social Services Minister Madeleine Meilleur subsequently adopted a favorite strategy of this Liberal government, blaming the situation of the federal government.

Liberals have had more than enough time to acknowledge that proper dental care is a health issue. And to provide it.

read more:

Health Minister Silent on Dental Care“; Toronto Star; 2007/02/23
Dental care for the poor“; Toronto Star; 2007/06/27


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