Miller Passes the Buck


In one of the most interesting articles that I’ve seen appear in our local daily in a long time (“Housing complex said to be no place to raise children“; Amanda Robinson; London Free Press; 2007/08/30), we’re told that there are no garbage bins in the city-managed site and that “mounds of garbage accumulate before the week’s scheduled pickup.” But then all we’re told about the involvement of Ward Councillor Cheryl Miller is that she blames the province.

Admittedly, there’s lots to blame the provincial Liberals for. Their failure to adequately address the myriad problems caused by Mike Harris’ Conservative government’s downloading is very real.

But, c’mon Cheryl. I mean, is there really any good reason that you haven’t arranged for these folks to have garbage bins? Are you so busy with your new Real Estate gig that you can’t be bothered?

And another thing. Why is there no mention of the Middlesex London Health Unit in this story? The description of kids playing in a garbage “playground” doesn’t paint a very healthy picture in my mind.


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