Liberals Holiday Snake Oil

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pig pic
Pigs at the Trough
SnakeOil graphic

Ontarians can expect a new holiday in February if the Liberals are re-elected next month.”

No we can’t.

Ontarians work very, very hard
Ontario winters are very, very long
this is going to be very, very welcome…”

and Liberals are very, very transparent.

It’s something we’ve talked about for more than a decade.”

and haven’t done anything when you’ve had the opportunity.

The vote-getting pledge is reminiscent of the 1985 Liberal promise to put beer and wine in the corner store, which the David Peterson government reneged on when it got into power.”

Liberals are not so good when it comes to fulfilling their promises.

If Dalton wanted to reward Ontarians with a holiday, he could have done what he did for himself with his $40,000 raise. He could simply have gone ahead and done it, sometime during the past 4 years.




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