Political Party Leaders Are Full Of Pollutants


Do you have chemical pollutants in your body?

Apparently so, if you’re one of Ontario’s political leaders. And the answer for them at least, if you hadn’t already guessed, is that they’re pretty much full of it.

Tested as part of it’s Toxic Nation campaign by Environmental Defence for the presence of 70 chemicals that are primarily found in consumer goods and food and that have been linked to health problems, all 3 leaders were found to have more than 40 of the different compounds.

Some of the problems associated with such chemicals are “cancer, developmental problems, respiratory illnesses, nervous system damage and hormone disruption.”

You may not have $5,000 to get a similar test for yourself, but it’s fairly safe to say that many of these same pollutants are in you, and in all of the people you know. In other words, you should be concerned.

Environmental Defence is calling on all political parties to commit to reducing pollution in the environment and everyday products through a Pollution and Cancer Prevention Act.



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