Salty Burgers Are Illegal


nullHow am I supposed to categorize this story? It’d be a cinch for comedy/humour/entertainment tags if it hadn’t apparently actually happened.

FoxNews is reporting that Kendra Bull, a McDonald’s worker in Union City, Ga.,”was arrested and jailed Thursday night for putting too much salt and pepper on a police officer’s hamburger.”

The police photographed the burger, took the sick cop to the hospital, and carted Bull off to jail…charged her with reckless conduct…spent Thursday night in jail until she was released on a $1,000 signature bond Friday morning.”

Geez… I guess the cop must have missed my Turtle Tipping post ;(



One Response to “Salty Burgers Are Illegal”

  1. rickyminton Says:

    The funny part of this story is that over on my blog, ScoopThis.Org, I posted a response I received from McDonald’s via email.

    Part of this story that concerns me most is that this multi-billion dollar corporation hasn’t provided this low wage employee with an attorney for something that she says was an accident and obviously wouldn’t have caused an immediate death to this officer. I posted about how much salt it may take to kill someone as well, most cases involving mentally ill people.

    McDonald’s is not jumping out ahead of this story and it has grown across the net over the past week.

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