Are You Widget Addicted?


text graphicThere was a time when, if you wanted to access something on the Internet, you had to open up your browser and enter a site address. Having done so, you’d visit another site or end the browser session. Lazy creatures that we humans are, you had to know that things wouldn’t stay that way forever.

Microsoft calls them “gadgets.” They are applications that pull data off the Internet and put it on your desktop (ie. news headlines, local weather, etc.) I like to have a clean desktop, and I stay clear of those. But there’s another version I’m becoming increasingly familiar with, usually referred to as “widgets.”

A 2006 crystal-gazing article titled “The Year of the Widget?” quoted a Microsoft product manager’s prediction that “we’ll be seeing thousands and thousands of these mini-programs.”

So, so you consider yourself to be widget addicted? What are some of your favourite sites for acquiring new widgets? What are the widgets that you use which you value above all others?



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