Elections Canada Veil Ruling


It seems like a no-brainer to me. To ensure the integrity of the process (ie to guard against potential voter fraud), election officials must be able to confirm the identity of persons before they are given ballots. So why has this erupted into such a tempest?

2007/09/10 – specthread: Who is voting?
2007/09/09 – Yahoo: Harper slams Elections Canada ruling on veils
2007/09/09 – Yahoo: Harper slams decision allowing voting…
2007/09/09 – Yahoo: Harper rips Elections Canada…
2007/09/09 – CBC: Harper slams Elections Canada…
2007/09/09 – Canada.com: PM says Elections Canada’s veil decision…
2007/09/09 – Globe and Mail: Allowing voters to wear veils…
2007/09/10 – CP: Harper rips Elections Canada…
2007/09/10 – National Post/Lorne Gunter: Voting while veiled
2007/09/10 – CityNews: Veil Controversy Hits Election Campaign
2007/09/10 – National Post/editorial: Behind the veil
2007/09/11 – Globe and Mail: Elections Canada refuses to bend
2007/09/11 – Ottawa Sun: … enforcing changes Conservatives passed
2007/09/13 – Toronto Star: Elections chief stands firm…
2007/09/14 – Globe and Mail: Big names and not so big…
2007/09/14 – Globe and Mail: Electoral officer refuses to budge…
2007/09/14 – Globe and Mail: Forcibly unveiling voters…
2007/09/15 – Toronto Star: Ugly uproar over veils
2007/09/16 – Ottawa Sun: MPs feast on non-issue

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