Municipal Wi-Fi


When public wireless Internet access becomes part of the city budget…companies such as Rogers Wireless and Telus…say that…public money shouldn’t compete against private businesses” (“Getting On The Wi-Fi Game“; Ian Harvey; Globe and Mail; 2007/09/11).

Refuting that arguement, Fredericton’s CIO is quoted as saying that “”We don’t build parks for profit or pools for profit. Libraries don’t put Chapters out of business” and asks “Why shouldn’t cities build this kind of infrastructure too?”

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2007/08/31 – ZDnet: Municipal Wi-Fi on the ropes
2007/09/01 – Scholars & Rogues: Municipal Wi-Fi isn’t dead…
2007/09/03 – Globe and Mail: Municipal Wi-Fi ambitions stymied
2007/09/04 – eSchool News: Municipal Wi-Fi faces financial hurdles
2007/09/10 – The Register: U.S. municipal Wi-Fi loses it’s shine


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