A Public Response to Sandra Pavan


In a recent Letter to the (London Free Press) Editor, Ms Pavin complains about “aggressive pedestrians.” Since our only daily newspaper does such a poor job of indexing reader submissions, it would likely be a miracle if Ms Pavin or hardly anyone else ever noticed my response. Case in point… the preceding link will take you to the main “Letters” page where you can scroll through the list of letters and try to find Ms Pavin’s submission. But there’s no permalink provided to the submission, else I’d have been able to link you directly to it. IMO, the London Free Press wants to give the appearance of being responsive to it’s readers, without enabling them any more than it absolutely has to.

Here is my response, submitted moments ago:

[submitted using LFP website form]

As London’s most publicly outspoken pedestrian advocate, I suggest that you visit my blog and review my posts in such categories as “pedestrians,” “public safety,” etc. I would be pleased to have you and other citizens submit your comments, and to join me in lobbying City Hall for a Pedestrians Committee such as exists in more enlightened communities. And in getting Ward 1 Councillor Roger Caranci to respond to my emails ;(

Any thoughts? Leave a comment using the submission form below, or click here for an email form.

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