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The Ontario Liberal campaign website has a Q&A page which invites visitors to submit questions: “If you have any questions that you would like to ask Dalton, simply fill out the required information in the on-line form, and ask your question. Then check back later to see if a response to your question has been posted.”

Some of the critically important ones posted so far:

  • If you could have a cold one with a former Prime Minister or Premier, who would it be, and why?”
  • I read somewhere that you work out regularly…What’s up with that?”
  • What household chores did you have to get done this summer?”
  • How tall are you anyway“?

Opportunity knocks! Here’s the question that I submitted for Dalton:

[submitted using website form]

As a registered 2006 London municipal candidate who receives disability assistance, I was unable to campaign or fundraise because ODSP would not respond to my inquiries about how doing so would jeopardize those benefits. My request for assistance was rebuffed by Deb Matthews, ignored by Chris Bentley and Minister Meilleur, and Mr. Ramal’s office simply suggested that I file a Tribunal complaint. If you Liberals have so little respect for the democratic rights of other citizens, what makes you think that you have ANY moral right to hold public office yourselves?

What do you figure the odds are that the question/answer will be published?


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