TAC Smog Season Suggestions


Acc. to the 9th Report of the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC), the following “Suggestions for possible actions during smog seasons” have been forwarded to City staff for feedback:

  • The use of public transit during a smog alert should be encouraged.
  • If free public transit is not practical then perhaps a reduced fare is an option.
  • Give people who take the bus (show their bus pass or transfer), cycle or walk, 15 minutes or more extra off at the end of the day as a reward for environmental responsibility and as a sign that taking the bus, biking or using shoe leather can get you home just as fast.
  • Encourage vehicle use based on odd/even license plates allowed on the road (the same way we restrict water use during the summer months).
  • Initiate “Take a Friend to Work Day.”
  • Restrict parking on smog days. Change parking and allow only car poolers to park downtown. Start by closing all public parking lots to single occupancy vehicles during smog season and only allowing vehicles with four passengers to access parking lots at city hall or London Utilities. Asking London Life, IBM, 3M etc. to do the same on special weather days also makes sense. (Of course Smart Cars and other designated vehicles could also be allowed to park based on fuel efficiency/passengers).
  • Open parking at arenas and other city property on the outskirts of the city to car pooling.
  • Change parking rates so that vehicles with four occupants park free, with three passengers a third of the full rate, with two people two thirds and single occupant vehicles the full rate which would be jacked up to pay for the free parking for the more environmentally responsible car poolers.
  • City Hall could take the lead by adopting some or all of the Niagra Region Smog Alert/Smog Season Actions. Spill over effects to corporations might occur.
  • Niagra Region Smog Alert/Smog Season Actions
    (Short Term Strategies)

  • non-essential motor vehicle use
  • gasoline refuelling
  • use of air conditioning, or set to higher temperatures
  • vehicle idling
  • Provide

  • smog response information to encourage appropriate actions
  • assistance to public employees to take public transit or to car pool
  • increase awareness of precautions to take to protect human and environmental health
  • alternative tasks/work options
  • Alternative tasks/work options

  • Give priority to alternative fuel/zero emission vehicles
  • delay essential refuelling until early morning or late evening hours
  • keep all fuel powered maintenance equipment working efficiently and repair any improper seals that may lead to fuel leaks or evaporation losses.
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