Pedestrians Don’t Matter


poster; Roger Caranci, missing in London, OntarioDespite any rhetoric to the contrary, there’s no real transparency at London’s City Hall. Particularly for those citizens who aren’t politically well-connected.
Phil McLeod’s article about problems re citizen participation and engagement, and accessibility of politicians to citizens was exactly right! Consider that there’s still been no response from my ward councillor about my concerns re pedestrian safety. Nor have city staff been cooperative. Examine my latest, reasonable inquiry about how best to formally present some of my concerns, which has so far been ignored:

Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 13:49:49 -0700 (PDT)
From: Gregory Fowler
To: John Lucas, Kevin Bain, Betty Mercier
Cc: Roger Caranci, Barb Schust-Lawrence
Subject: Re: Info Request
To Whom It May Concern,

The Official Plan is under review and the TMP is part of the Official Plan, is it not? And I note the reference to “modifications” in 2(6) on .

In any case, I’ve been clear enough about my intention. Which is to address such safety/transportation-related items as:

  • the lack of process re my proposal for a Pedestrian Committee
  • the dangerous intersection at Commissioners/Pond Mills (and other channelized intersections)
  • the dangerous intersection at Commissioners/King Edward
  • the height of fences bordering pedestrian walkways
  • the lack of maintenance re natural encroachment onto sidewalks, pedestrian walkways
  • proposed changes to the Streets bylaw re “jaywalking”
  • LTC statistics re mode share
  • unavailability of police statistics
  • Since my communications have been ignored for so long, by councillors and by staff, I have decided to approach the situation in a more formal fashion that cannot be so easily ignored. What I need is some direction about how best to do that, without having to make separate presentations to BoC, CAPS, ETC.

    Greg Fowler
    BookCrossing… books just want to be free!

    PS – When you were contemplating removing the turn restrictions on Dundas Street, did you give any consideration to large vehicles? You might want to review the camera footage for Dundas/Richmond at 12:30 pm this afternoon, which is when I was witness to the ridiculous sight of a westbound cab pulling a 53′ trailer turn north onto Richmond.

    Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 13:49:49 -0700 (PDT)
    From: John Lucas
    To: Gregory Fowler
    Cc: Kevin Bain, Betty Mercier
    Subject: Re: Info Request

    The Transportation Master Plan was last completed in 2004. It is not being updated at this time.

    John Lucas, P.Eng.
    Manager, Transportation Planning and Design
    City of London
    519-661-2500 x5537


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