Discarded Shopping Carts


On a subconscious level at least, the visual blight caused by litter, graffitti, and abandoned shopping carts negatively impacts upon the way that we feel about our community. The following from Jay Stanford (Division Manager, Environmental Services), in response to a recent inquiry:

Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2007 19:54:37 -0500
From: Jay Stanford
To: Gregory Fowler
Subject: RE: Discarded Shopping Carts

As far as shopping carts , I do like what the Superstore has done. Cart wheels become locked when the cart crosses an invisible fence. We hope more stores follow this approach.

In 2008 , we plan on looking more closely at a new by-law dealing with shopping carts modeled after the one that exists in the City of Mississauga . It is not clear on what fees can be charged back to a business for recovering a cart off property as the business was not the one responsible for removing the cart in the first place. There is probably a very good argument that the shopping carts are being stolen as generally the store has a sign that indicates that the carts can not be taken from the property. These will be the kind of details we will have to sort through in 2008.

Mississauga Shopping Cart By-law
Picasa Photo Album: Discarded Shopping Carts


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