Product of Canada?


If you think that you can trust a ‘Made in Canada’ label, think again! Those ingredients could come from anywhere, because the label simply means that 51 per cent of the production cost was incurred in Canada.

Consumers should be concerned, especially in light of recent food safety problems involving Chinese imports.

On another (related) note… then there are those ‘Best Before’ dates

Canadian Food Inspection Agency – Guide to Food Labelling and Advertising
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2007/07/06: Globe & Mail – ‘Made in Canada’ via China
2007/10/16: Bullroarer – ‘Made in Canada’ via China
2007/10/26: Talk, Talk, Talk – ‘Made in Canada’ is Code for ‘Made in China’
2007/11/03: Guelph Mercury – Make sure your pasta is made in Canada
2007/11/04: London Topic – Just because it says …
2007/11/07: Toronto Star – A Winding Journey Back to the Country of Origin


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